Social Co-operation Forum Meeting

The next Social Co-operation Forum meeting is on Thursday 30th May 2019, 10am – 1pm at…

Wales Co-operative Centre

Y Borth
13 Beddau Way 
CF83 2AX

Read the agenda here.

Welcome to the Social Co-operation Forum site. This is a  platform for members and non members to share information and views on Social Co-operation throughout Wales, the UK and beyond.

A Social Co-operation Forum for Wales was established to bring together all those working to develop co-operative models of support in the field of social care and well-being. This is particularly important following the introduction of the Social Services & Wellbeing (Wales) Act in April 2016. The Act places a duty on local authorities to promote co-operatives, social enterprise, user-led and third sector organisations for social care, and also seeks to ensure that citizen-users of social care have a “strong voice and real control”. The Forum believes that user-led and multi-stakeholder co-operatives, embracing co-operative principles of democracy and co-ownership, are ideal models for achieving the Act’s aspirations.

The Social Co-operation Forum is Chaired by Adrian Roper, Chief Executive of Cartrefi Cymru, and meets on a regular basis. For more information, download these materials:

About the Social Co-operation Forum

Roles of Social Co-operatives

For a list of current members please visit our ‘Useful Links‘ page.