‘Co-operatives are the way to more efficient and compassionate social care’ #socialcare #coops

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the Guardian article written by Co-ops UK Secretary General, Ed Mayo which asks all political parties to support user-owned and community controlled social care:


“While Conservative proposals for overhauling adult social care funding damaged their election campaign and did not feature in the Queen’s speech, they were right not to duck the issue.

Politicians of all parties must come together, not only to plug the hole in social care funding, but also to think hard about how the system spends that money. No overhaul of funding will be sufficient unless there is a simultaneous shift in our approach to providing care and prioritising wellbeing.

This means care has to be about people, relationships and communities. Regardless of the amount of money we have to spend, we need to organise activities and resources in ways that bring people together and give them meaningful control.

That’s why Co-operatives UK is asking all parties to support user- and community-owned social care.” (full article in link above)

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The Social Co-operation Forum is a membership network promoting co-operative models of social care and well-being.

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