Event: What Difference does Co-operation Make?

The Co-operative Care Forum’s event What difference does co-operation make? will take place on 21st September at the Federation. At its heart, this event is all about the potential of co-operation to help to address the care crisis faced by the UK and many other countries.

If it is to do so, co-operation needs to be able to demonstrate that it isn’t just a different way of packaging up a business or service; it needs to be able to show that co-operation can provide an entirely different basis and setting for the crucial activity of caring.

We need to attract the interest of people in the front-line of caring – carers, clinicians, doctors, nurses, therapists, managers – those people working in a cash-strapped public sector system where they struggle to do their job with insufficient funding, or in a private sector which is of necessity focussed on profitability, and is pulling out of areas where the margins are unacceptable.  Essentially, we and they need to understand what difference co-operation makes to a service.

So this event will start to explore what is happening to care in a large pioneering care organisation which is becoming co-operative (Cartrefi Cymru); and it will approach this question by looking first at how it is impacting another public service organisation which turned to a co-operative approach more than five years ago (Rochdale Boroughwide Housing). It will look how it is different from the point of view of a user, of a worker, of a manager and the chief executive.  It will consider how a modern model of member-based governance impacts on the core service.

This is an event for all those in care and the commissioning of care, and in the co-operative sector, who want to explore what co-operation might be able to contribute in solving our crisis in care.

Published by socialcoopforumwales

The Social Co-operation Forum is a membership network promoting co-operative models of social care and well-being.

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