Social Care in Wales: Glass Full or Half Empty?

The news is dominated by the Brexit negotiations and government crises and has been for some time.  But do these headlines represent an opportunity to change or an overwhelming threat?

Joint Decision-Making, Co-Production and Meaningful Community Participation: What Works?

Today’s report on joint decision-making from the Centre is welcomed as a hugely valuable addition to the evidence in this area. It gives a clearer and richer understanding of what’s important in the processes of co-production, with its definition of joint decision-making a useful starting point. 

Do you want to set-up & run a care or well-being co-operative?

Are you interested in setting – up & running a care or well-being co-operative, but not sure where to start? Visit the Care to Co-operate online toolkit! The interactive website will guide you through all the essential know-how you will need, and offers additional resources on membership, online promotion and more. Also, the toolkit availableContinue reading “Do you want to set-up & run a care or well-being co-operative?”