Free Event: Progressing Respite Matters

Continuing with the theme of Carers Week, we would like to make you aware of a free event happening next month….

Credu, and The All Wales Forum of Parents and Carers of People with Learning Disabilities, are holding an event that will explore innovative approaches to respite – a matter that is so important to carers.

Self care is something we all need to achieve a healthy balance in life, such as taking a holiday, but when you are a carer this is easier said than done. Respite placements, and arrangements, can cause anxiety to carers for a number of reasons. If you are a carer, or know someone who is, we recommend attending this event.

Care to Co-operate has supported people and organisations to work co-operatively, to design and run services, for over three years. Do you have an idea for a care and support co-operative?  If so, Care to Co-operate would love to speak to you! You can get in touch by e-mail, call 0300 111 5050, visit or tweet us at @ThomasWalesCoop

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The Social Co-operation Forum is a membership network promoting co-operative models of social care and well-being.

2 thoughts on “Free Event: Progressing Respite Matters

  1. Hi Sue,

    Please see e-mail below for including in our next newsletter.

    Cofion cynnes / With kind regards

    San Leonard

    Cyfarwyddwr / Director


    07799 345 940


    PO Box 85, Porthcawl, CF36 9BP



    Mae Cwmnïau Cymdeithasol Cymru yn llwyr ymroddedig i greu cyfleodd gwaith i bobl anabl ac eraill sydd ag anfanteision yn y farchnad lafur, trwy ddatblygu a chefnogi cwmnïau cymdeithasol yng Nghymru. Mae Cwmnïau Cymdeithasol Cymru yn cefnogi, hybu a gweithio ar y cyd gyda sefydliadau ym mhob sector yng Nghymru. Cwmni Cyfyngedig dan warant rhif cofrestredig yng Nghymru 5569450 – Swyddfa gofrestredig: TÅ· Langdon, Heol Langdon, Y Glannau, Abertawe SA1 8QY

    Social Firms Wales is committed to the creation of employment opportunities for disabled people and other disadvantaged in the labour market, through the development and support of Social Firms in Wales. Social Firms Wales actively supports, promotes and undertakes collaborative working with organisations in all sectors across Wales. Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in Wales No. 5569450 – Registered Office: Langdon House, Langdon Road, SA1 Swansea Waterfront, Swansea, SA1 8QY

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    1. Hello San,

      I think you may have accidentally replied to blog e-mail, rather than forwarding it to Sue.

      Thank you,

      Thomas, SCF Administrator


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