Free Event: Co-operative Party – a Co-operative Approach to Social Care

A co-operative approach to social care is the fairest and most inclusive way of delivering services. It can deliver significantly better outcomes for service users, carers and commissioners.

It will take place on Tuesday 10th September at Chapter (Cardiff) – Meeting Room 2. The meeting will start at 6.30pm and run until 8.30pm. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Thanks to the policy direction of Welsh Government and the support provided by the Wales Co-operative Centre, there are a growing number of social care co-operatives in Wales. Come along and find out more about this growing movement.

Speakers include…  

Adrian Roper, CEO of Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative and Donna Coyle, Care to Co-operate manager at the Wales Co-operative Centre.

This event is organised by the Co-operative Party in Cardiff and the Vale, and is open to all.

Care to Co-operate has supported people and organisations to work co-operatively, to design and run services, for over three years. Do you have an idea for a care and support co-operative?  If so, Care to Co-operate would love to speak to you! You can get in touch by e-mail, call 0300 111 5050, visit or Tweet us at @ThomasWalesCoop

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The Social Co-operation Forum is a membership network promoting co-operative models of social care and well-being.

One thought on “Free Event: Co-operative Party – a Co-operative Approach to Social Care

  1. The policy direction from Welsh Govt was prompted ten years previously when the then Co-op Group Regional Board, of which I was a member, supported a day conference with 100 hundred people in Caerphilly Civic Centre to inform and promote this obvious development. Never was a £3k grant so weel rewarded.This was subsequently pursued by Welsh Progressive Co-operators (WPC) at the insistence of Hilda Smith with Ministrial meetings and the briefing of Mark Drakeford and others by WPC. This was followed by a series of events in Wales with international speakers during 2012 UN Year of Co-operatives with great help from Adrian Roper, Cartrefi Cymru. Many thought what had social care to do with Co-operatives! The rest is history.


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