Care to Co-operate / Cydweithredu i Ofalu

Care to Co-operate

Free tailored advice and guidance for social enterprise, social co-operatives* and consortium.

The Wales Co-operative Centre and the Social Co-operation Forum are helping people who access personal care and support services to have a real stake in the services they receive. Care to Co-operate is a new project funded by Welsh Government. It’s gives advice and guidance to people in Wales who use support and personal care services to in control.

A big reason we’re here is because of a new law in Wales called the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. Welsh Government wants more social enterprise, social co-operatives to deliver support services and personal care. This is because these organisations involve people in making decisions about how they are run and the services they offer. This is exactly what the Act wants to see happen. It is an exciting time to change social services in Wales.

The former Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, describes what we want to achieve:

*A social co-operative is owned and managed by the citizens it provides services to as well as their family, friends, professional carers and people from the wider community.

Resource and Learning Hub

“I thought the Resource and Learning Hub was very useful and helpful.  It was easy to understand and made me aware of what co-operation is about”  – Member of Gorwellion Newydd Co-operative

Care to Co-operate’s Resource and Learning Hub has been designed to help those interested in setting up co-operative care and well-being services breathe life into their vision.

The interactive training course, ‘How to Start a Co-operative’ takes you through five key areas that you can work through in your own time. Topics include:

  • Co-operation and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act – you’ll learn how co-operation works so well with the Act.
  • Strategy – we take you through how to plan your service in order for it to achieve its long term aims. The activities we’ve designed will help you look at the strengths and weaknesses of your idea.
  • Legal structures – in this topic we look at the various legal structures available and how you can choose the right one for your group.
  • Governance – in this topic we cover how to involve members in the decision making process, the types of rules your organisation will need to follow to work effectively and the roles and responsibilities of board members.
  • Opportunities for services – in this topic we look at the opportunities the Act presents to co-operative delivered services.

The site is jam-packed full of resources; from help with understanding terms and policies, to comprehensive guides on social media promotion and membership growth.  Also, you can learn in English, Welsh or British Sign Language!

Are you ready to co-operate

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