Improving Staff Wellbeing in Small Businesses: Practice Examples

“For smaller organisations, with a smaller and potentially more flexible workforce, it may seem harder to identify opportunities to improve employee wellbeing or find the time and resources to invest in it – but there are things that small businesses can do and that are not always expensive or complicated.”

Co-op Group ad to raise awareness of modern slavery on Anti-Slavery Day

As part of the programme, survivors are offered a four-week paid work placement. At the end of this period they have a non-competitive interview. Providing they are successful, they are offered a permanent job within the host business.

Written Statement – Supporting Sustainable Social Services

These pressures have been exacerbated by the UK’s Government continuing constraints on public spending and the ongoing impact of tax and welfare reforms which have disproportionately affected our more deprived communities. 

Event: Bevan Foundation – Where next for social justice?

“Our director, Victoria Winckler, will deliver a keynote address reflecting on the state of Wales today and the prospects for eradicating poverty, inequality and injustice. Dr Kate Allatt, internationally-published author and acclaimed speaker, will describe her inspiring personal struggle. You’ll also find out our plans for the coming year.”

Consultation launch – Action on Disability: the Right to Independent Living

Replacing the 2013 ‘Framework for Action on Independent Living’, the new approach focuses on key issues identified by disabled people including transport, employment, housing and access to buildings and places.

Do you want to set-up & run a care or well-being co-operative?

Are you interested in setting – up & running a care or well-being co-operative, but not sure where to start? Visit the Care to Co-operate online toolkit! The interactive website will guide you through all the essential know-how you will need, and offers additional resources on membership, online promotion and more. Also, the toolkit availableContinue reading “Do you want to set-up & run a care or well-being co-operative?”

WISERD Civil Society awarded transition funding

“I am very pleased indeed that WISERD has been awarded further ESRC follow-on ‘centres transition funding ’… …It will enable us to work with our partners to deepen our capacity to translate our research into policy and practice, and to develop further research in the future.”

Universal Credit Hub is due to launch in Panteg

A Universal Credit Hub is a place for people to come along who are looking for work or a change of career.  In addition to the support you can access in our other Community Hubs, the projects will be offering you help to fulfil your Universal Credit commitment, particularly if you are trying to accessContinue reading “Universal Credit Hub is due to launch in Panteg”