Japan Study Tour @icacoop update #coops #coopcelebration #wales #japan

Japan Study Tour Update Contributor: David Smith, Co-ops and Mutuals Wales International Day of Co-operatives Celebration Cartrefi Cymru Co-operative 5 Coopers Yard, Curran Road, Cardiff Friday 30 June, 1.00pm International Co-operators Day highlights we are part of a global movement that seeks to change people’s lives. Each year, the International Co-operative Alliance agrees a specialContinue reading “Japan Study Tour @icacoop update #coops #coopcelebration #wales #japan”

Co-production Network for Wales #copronetwork #wales #membership

Co-production is all about citizens and professionals working together as equal contributors for mutual benefit, and it’s not only great in its own right but is also a brilliant way of sowing the seeds for user led organisations and multi stakeholder coops. https://coproductionnetworkwales.wordpress.com/ The co-production network for Wales have recently launched their a formal membership. Continue reading “Co-production Network for Wales #copronetwork #wales #membership”